Jack Wagner's Sons Are All Grown Up Now, And They Look As Charming As Their Famous Dad

November 26, 2018

A few years ago, General Hospital star Jack Wagner made headlines when he reunited with his long-lost daughter Kerry. Kerry, born in 1988, is the 58-year-old actor’s oldest child, but what about her two half-brothers?

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Meet Jack Wagner’s sons, Peter and Harrison

Jack Wagner met his future wife, Kristina Malandro, on the set of General Hospital. The two fell in love and welcomed their first son, Peter, in 1990.

The couple tied the knot in 1993, and their second son, Harrison, arrived next year.

Their marital happiness didn’t last; Jack and Kristina got divorced in 2006. However, they remain on good terms and sometimes spend time together with their sons who are all grown up now!

Jack is a proud dad, but his relationship with his younger son, Harrison, hasn’t always been great. The young man became addicted to drugs and alcohol and went missing for a week in 2016, People reported.

Jack himself is no stranger to addiction, as he wrote on Twitter. At the time of his son's disappearance, he turned to social media for support and asked his followers to share their own stories. Luckily, Harrison was safe and sound when he was found.

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The actor managed to get through to his youngest son, and he’s doing better these days.

The Melrose Place star sometimes shares pictures of his sons on social media, and his fans comment on how much they look like him. Here are some of their comments:

What handsome young gentleman Jack!!... like their dad!

Congratulations Jack! They r as handsome as you-only a younger version!!

Nice looking sons! Just like their Dad!

Many say the young men look like both their parents:

I love those smiles!!! I see Kristina in those young men too! So loved! 💖😍

They are a perfect combo of you and Kristina. Gorgeous family! 

Someone inherited Moms dimples. ♥

Peter has his moms dimples 😉 Nice looking men.

Jack’s sons look absolutely charming, just like their famous dad. The actor did his best to raise them right and wasn’t judgmental when his youngest son repeated his own mistakes. Harrison and Peter make their mom and dad proud, and that’s the parents' big accomplishment!

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