"Why Did You Need Five?": People Bashed A Bride Who Had Five Wedding Dresses For Two Ceremonies

September 12, 2018

People bashed an Instagram star who wore five wedding dresses at two ceremonies

Instagram star Rachel Cottrell, née Ward, wanted a perfect wedding. To have a celebration of your dreams, one of the things you need is a perfect dress. Rachel spent months looking for one she would like and she saw so many beautiful gowns that she couldn’t pick one. So what did she do? She picked five!

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The bride wore two of the dresses during her first ceremony in the Maldives in November 2017.

She donned another three gowns on her wedding day in June 2018 back at home in the UK.

Obviously, Rachel had the wedding of her dreams, and all eyes were on her during the two ceremonies. She looked like a princess, just like she wanted!

Being a popular Instagrammer, Rachel shared pictures of herself wearing all five dresses, asking her followers which one they liked best. Well, reactions in the comments show how toxic social media can be.

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People’s reactions

Rachel’s fans were mesmerized by the images and many of them commented that all five dresses are beautiful:

Each one is absolutely gorgeous and you are beautiful in them all.

Love them all. Just stunning. You made all the dresses look beautiful

You look absolutely gorgeous in all of them! And yay for you for sticking up for what you want!!! 💖💖💖

Okay those dresses are absolutely stunning. I couldn’t have narrowed it down to 1 either. And you shouldn’t have to! It’s YOUR wedding! Congrats! Wishing you and your hubby the best!

As it is expected on social media, there have been negative reactions aplenty in the comment section. Some called Rachel “narcissistic” and “selfish” and some went as far as to suggest that her marriage wouldn’t last:

Why did you need five? That's honestly all that comes to my head.

And you’ll probably end up divorced...gross...just over the top.

Little did critics know that Rachel donated four of her five dresses. She left two dresses in the Maldives for local brides who can’t afford a gown, and the other two went to the UK charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, That’s Life! Magazine reported.

People should learn to hold back on judging others if they don’t know the whole story!

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