Tori Roloff Shares Her "Poopy Story" That Makes Every Mother Relate To Her Horrible Day

August 2, 2018

Anyone can have a really bad day, especially moms. The Little People, Big World star, Tori Roloff, decided to share her own crappy day despite the risk of being mom-shamed once again. Her sincere story leaves no one indifferent, and moreover, it is oh-so relatable to every mom out there.

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Mommy Tori Roloff

Tori Roloff became a mother on May 12 last year when she gave birth to her beautiful son, Jackson Kyle, via C-section. Unfortunately, she had discovered that the boy had achondroplasia (dwarfism), the same condition his father has. Nonetheless, Tori said she would still love him with her whole heart, even though her child is “different.”

Beginning of the bad day

Moving back to the nightmarish day she had just recently. It all started with her husband, Zach Roloff, woke up with a severe headache, and Tori was “dying sick.” She mentions in her posts that she did have some fun with her friends by the pool. Sadly for her, when she came back to Zach, she made a mistake.

After trying to shake him up, the man threw up on their front porch because he couldn’t make it to the bathroom. After cleaning up the mess, Tori decided to take a few minutes to relax… She didn’t have the time for it, though, because her son had just woken up.

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That escalated quickly

The horror reached its peak when Tori went into the baby’s room and saw the poopy mess her son had done. It was all over the crib, and even in Jackson’s hair. Adding to this, there was no hot water in the house at that moment, so the mother had to drive her stinky, dirty child all the way to another house just to bathe him.

After the rough experience, Tori reminds every parent out there never to put their child to bed in just a diaper. By sharing this story, she hopes to brighten up someone’s day!

People's reaction

Surely, there are lots of mothers who can relate to poor Tori’s “adventures.” One mother said:

Oh you poor momma ! Don’t worry 😉 we’ve all had a kid don’t something gross like that. Hang in there.

Another woman also supported Tori and even gave an advice of her own:

I love that you posted this. Like probably every parent.... I’ve been here with my oldest son, who’s now 8. Poop ground into the carpets, painted all over the white walls when he was a toddler during his nap time. If Jackson does it again I suggest getting some footy pj’s, cutting the feet off the pj’s, and putting them on him front to back so the zipper is on his back. He won’t be able to take off his diaper. It gets better, and easier.

Another great message of support:

Oh Sweetie, you're rockin' it as a Momma. As a Mom of 2 and wife for 41 years, we've all been there! This picture is priceless, you'll look back and laugh!! Jackson won't, but you sure will!! Love and Hugs! XOXO

However, some people are getting mad for some reason (as usual):

Nasty. Why must people share literally EVERYTHING on social media. You don't get humans?

Or even:

Sick and disgusting. Someone call CPS,

When you survive such a bad day, it is a true reason to feel proud of yourself and, maybe, even laugh about it later.

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