Why Prince George And Princess Charlotte Aren't Allowed To Sit With Their Parents At The Dinner Table?

June 15, 2018

It seems that you have to graduate some kind of university to know every rule and tradition of the British royal family. Probably, the only other way to achieve this goal is to be born as royal, like Princess Charlotte or Prince George. Did you know that they are not allowed to sit with their parents at the dinner table during royal events?


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Another tradition from the past

The reason for the prohibition comes from the past (as usual, when it comes to the royal etiquette) and applies to all royal children. The first thing that might come into your head is that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are just too small for the adult talk. However, the kids are forbidden from sitting at the same dinner table with their parents because they haven’t mastered the ‘art of polite conversation’ yet.


What is the art of polite conversation?

The art of polite conversation is basically the ability to make small talk in order to put everyone at ease. Typically, it is unbelievably helpful during business meals or social occasions. It can be used to charm your interlocutor, or simply make a good impression of yourself.


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One more obligation

Reportedly, this etiquette rule implies the royal children have to be fluent in their native language and at least one more. With this being said, Princess Charlotte has started learning Spanish. The most probable reason for the choice of the language is that her nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion, is a Spanish native. It would be much easier for the little girl to learn the language, as the nanny is said to be speaking to Princess Charlotte in her mother tongue.


Considering the fact that Prince George and Princess Charlotte have already been to many countries, like Australia, France, Canada and other, being multilingual isn’t that bad of an idea.


Imagine, though, the terrible pressure on the children’s shoulders: tons of rules and protocols to learn and follow. A coin indeed has two sides.

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