Princess Eugenie Talks About Her Wedding For The First Time, Reveals The Perfect Way She Started Her Married Life

October 18, 2018

Princess Eugenie tied the knot with Jack Brooksbank on Friday, October 12th. The Queen's granddaughter was an absolutely gorgeous bride on her big day, and it seemed like she had a great time, too. 


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A happy wedding

Apparently, not only did Princess Eugenie look good for her special day, but she also felt good as well. On her Instagram page, the royal recently shared a picture of herself and her groom surrounded by her bridal party. 

In the caption, she expressed her appreciation for everyone who helped to make her day memorable and revealed that she and her new husband started her married life "laughing together."

Considering that the bride had a big smile on her face most of the time on her wedding day, we can see how she kicked off her married life in such a great mood. 


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Prince Andrew's touching speech

Royal fans from around the world witnessed the lovely wedding ceremony and had many great things to say about the bride and groom as they exchanged vows. But the touching moment did not end there. 

Even though we did not get to see all that went on during the reception, there have been reports that it was indeed as heartwarming as the ceremony. For one thing, Prince Andrew, Eugenie's father, reportedly brought the room to tears with his speech. 


One of the guests at the event revealed to Hello that the father of the bride gave a speech that showed exactly how close the family is. 

Prince Andrew gave a great father of the bride speech. There were some great anecdotes from childhood and all the way through to current affairs and how the dynamics of their relationship work.

According to the source, Prince Andrew announced, during his toast, that he was going to do "something that he's never done before," after which he went over and gave Jack Brooksbank, his son-in-law, a hug.


Clearly, Prince Andrew was every bit the proud father on his daughter's wedding day. He had such a massive smile when he walked Eugenie down the aisle and seemed almost as happy as the bride herself.

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