Queen Elizabeth II's Daughter, Princess Anne, Reveals Why She Doesn't Shake Hands With The Commoners

September 26, 2018

Some members of the royal family have been opening up about certain aspects of their lives for a documentary based on the Queen's obligations and duties. Princess Anne had something to say, as well.


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Why Her Majesty's daughter doesn't shake hands

In a sneak peek of HBO's documentary Queen of the World, which was obtained by People, Princess Anne talked about how her refusal to shake hands during walkabouts (where they meet and greet members of the public) is her way of sticking to tradition. 


The 68-year-old royal said that the tradition came about as a way of preventing favoritism. 

We never shook hands. The theory was that you couldn’t shake hands with everybody, so don’t start. So I kind of stick with that, but I noticed others don’t.

Of course, she might be referring to the fact that other members of the family, including her brother, Prince Charles, and nephews, Prince William and Prince Harry, often connect with the public via handshakes and sometimes, hugs.


Princess Anne clarified that there was nothing wrong with shaking hands as there have been some changes to the walkabouts since Queen Elizabeth herself began shaking hands and touching people.

It’s become a shaking hands exercise rather than a walkabout.

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Things have changed in a few other ways as well, Princess Anne noted. She said that these days, seeing who you're actually interacting with can be a struggle thanks to the many technological devices that many choose to carry around. 

Phones are bad enough, but the iPads — you can’t even see their heads. No idea who you’re talking to.


However, the royal is a stickler for politeness. She said, in the interview, that she would always insist that people put their gadgets down if they wanted to ask question s or speak to her. 

About 'Queen of the World'

The new ITV series which would be aired on HBO would give fans of the royal family some insights into the Queen's role as a monarch as she reaches the final leg of her journey.

Her Majesty is passing on the reigns to the younger royals and this documentary promises to give some details of what all that entails. In addition, viewers will be treated to some behind-the-scenes moments and appearances by other members of the royal family.

The Duchess of Sussex was featured as well

Meghan Markle would also open up about her wedding, her husband and what it has been like being a member of the royal family. 


Thanks to a sneak peek offered by ITV, we got to hear her give some details about her wedding dress and veil.

So if you're itching to learn more about the royals, this could be your best opportunity.

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