After Pregnancy Announcement, Meghan Markle Decides To Pay Touching Tribute To Princess Diana

October 16, 2018

Just as they were about to kick off their Australian tour, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they are expecting their first child. Meghan also seized the opportunity to pay a special tribute to Princess Diana.

A lovely set of earrings

To start out the tour, Meghan Markle chose to wear a simple, yet lovely Karen Gee dress but it was her jewelry choice that was a special nod to Princess Diana, the mother-in-law she never met. 


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While at the Admiralty House in Sydney, Meghan rocked some elegant gold and diamond butterfly earrings. This piece actually once belonged to Lady Di who wore them in 1986 during a visit to Canada, for the first official engagement after the announcement of her pregnancy. 

That was not all, Meghan Markle also wore a gold bracelet from Diana's special collection as well.

Even though the Duchess never got to meet Harry's mom, there have been a few ways the couple chose to foster a closeness between both women. For one thing, Meghan's engagement ring featured two diamonds from Diana's collection. The Duchess even wore Princess Diana's sapphire ring during her wedding reception.


The royal tour

Despite the pregnancy announcement, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are still going on their scheduled Australian tour to Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, and Fiji which will last from October 16 to October 31. 

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The parents-to-be will participate in 76 engagements and activities focusing on "youth leadership, environmental and conservation efforts – including the dedication of several new Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy projects," according to the Kensington Palace announcement. 

One of the highlights of this trip will include their appearance at the Invictus Games which takes place between 20th and 27th of October. This is a competition which features injured servicemen and women from all over the world.


Recall that Harry and Meghan made their first public appearance as a couple during last year's edition of the games in Toronto. Going there again this year must hold a special meaning to them, considering how far they have come as a couple since the last time. 

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