It Took 250 Hours And 33 Pounds Of Sugar! Woman Creates Epic Life-Sized Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Cake

May 18, 2018

A talented baker has decided to show off her love for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by creating a life-sized cake version of them. And fans are loving it.

Lara Mason's fascinating creation

The UK-based dessert pro left people in a complete state of awe when she shared a life-size cake version of royal couple Harry and Meghan.

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To serve as her muse, Lara chose one of the first pictures the couple shared with the public as they were announcing their engagement in November.

The baker did a tremendous job of nailing even the tiniest detail and ensuring that her creation bears as strong a resemblance to the actual people as possible.

According to her, it took up to 250 hours for the cake to be completed. And as for the ingredients, Lara said she made use of about 33 pounds of sugar, 33 pounds of flour, 33 pounds of butter, and 110 pounds of icing.

She also explained that she has made the cake from scratch and most of it is edible.

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Many praises for Lara's work

Lara shared pictures of the masterpiece on her Facebook page, and social media users expressed their amazement at her work. 

We have to agree, she sure did a fantastic job. 

And speaking of a life-size version of the couple... 

Recently, Madame Tussauds museum in London unveiled the first ever wax figure of Meghan Markle and a more updated version of Prince Harry.


The figurine version of the American actress stood beautifully next to her man. Fans can also get to take photos with them. 

It's pretty cool to see all these displays of skill in honor of the royal couple.

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