Even With Her Daughters By Her Side, 64-Year-Old Christie Brinkley Looks Like She Has Been Drinking Off The Fountain Of Youth

October 1, 2018

64-year-old Christie Brinkley has found the fountain of youth and has simply refused to grow old. For many people, aging comes with many challenges. They can range from health problems to a drastic change in the looks of a person. 

This has become a huge problem for people who are just starting to experience old age. It gets quite frustrating when they try everything possible but they just can't get their looks back.

Christie who first became famous in the 70s is still amazingly beautiful and has retained the looks she had since her youth.

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When supermodel Christie showed up at her daughter, 32-year-old Alexa Ray Joel's opening of her 2018 residency at the Cafe Carlyle in New York City, people could not help but gush over the fact that the mother and her daughters looked particularly stunning.

Her children were not left out as they all looked as though they had been eating from the same youthful pie. Alongside the mother and her daughters was the youngest child, Sailor Brinkley-Cook. According to ET Online, Christie had worn a pair of emerald green shorts, and a black shirt which was long sleeved with a cleavage cut-out. She also adorned herself with sparkly earrings. 

Her daughter, Alexa had worn a black bustier and leather pants. And Sailor wore a below-the-knee, leopard-print skirt, with a red tank top.

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Her fans can't get enough of her

Her fans could not help commenting on the beautiful picture of Christie and her daughters look to the event. They were simply all over her in the comment section.

Instagram user, Daisyblue28 commented about how she loved the fact that Christie supported her children's career, saying, 

Love how you are so supportive of your children's career.

Another user, Shelleymarcovitz said,

You are all so lovely in your own unique ways. So beautiful.

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