"I Am Not Going There!" Prince Harry's Fear Of Paparazzi Backlash Leads To His Refusal To Participate In A Royal Engagement

July 22, 2019

The life of Prince Harry has been making headlines since he was very young. He became an even bigger focus of media attention after his mother Princess Diana passed away.

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Who he blames

While speaking out in a documentary twenty years after Diana's death, Prince Harry shared who he felt is responsible for the accident that took her life.

The Duke of Sussex laid blame on the paparazzi saying that after forcing Diana's vehicle into the tunnel, they were also obsessed with taking photographs of her as she laid unconscious in the car following the crash.

Fear of the wrong kind of publicity

It seems Prince Harry isn't completely over the effect the paparazzi can have on the lives and portrayals of members of the royal family.

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One expert revealed that the Duke once refused to participate in a royal engagement because he worried about how the pictures would be interpreted by the media.

In her book titled 'Harry: Conversations With The Prince," Angela Levin wrote that the incident took place while he was at an Emergency Operations Center. One of the patients was receiving a massage and revealed "a rather substantial amount of flesh."

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The royal was being led to the massage couch to speak to the physiotherapist but when he saw the paramedic receiving a massage, he looked shocked and immediately turned away, walking in the opposite direction.

‘I am not going there,’ he said. ‘I know too well what the photographers would make of that.’

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Levin explained that Harry is usually very careful and alert of possible trip-ups when he's in public and would prefer to avoid as many implicating photographs as possible.

Protecting Archie

In addition to worrying about the paparazzi's effect on his life, Prince Harry is also very protective of his family. Royal correspondent Emily Andrews expressed her belief that Harry will ensure he protects his son Archie from any effect of bad press.

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Royal expert Nick Bullen shares the same belief, saying that Harry may go to extreme measures to ensure the media don't cause any negative impact on his family.

It's understandable that the Duke of Sussex will do all he can to keep his family safe. With such a terrible experience of what the paparazzi is capable of, it's obvious he isn't about to sit back and allow the same thing to happen to his wife and child.