Fabulous Couple Alert! Camila Cabello And Shawn Mendes Spotted Holding Hands Affectionately In Public

July 22, 2019

Eyebrows were raised when singers Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes were seen locking lips in the music video of their joint single, ‘Senorita.’ Many could not help but ask the question, ‘when did it all start?’

Well, Camila and Shawn’s first photographic meeting was in August 2015 at the Video Music Awards in Los Angeles. At the time, Camila was still a part of the girl group, ‘Fifth Harmony.’

By November of that year, they released ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer,’ for which they won awards.

In May 2018, Shawn released his third album, and while promoting it, gushed over his friendship with her. In February 2019, Camila shared a few intimate photos of herself and Shawn before the Grammys.

Rumors of a relationship began surfacing in June 2019 after the release of ‘Senorita’s music video.

The news of the duo dating was further solidified when the pair spent the Fourth of July Holiday together!

They go public again!

On July 17, the lovebirds were spotted once again looking all couple-y as they held hands affectionately while taking a stroll on the streets of Los Angeles.

Media got whiff of the news when Reporter, Marianna Sotomayor tweeted about listening to Senorita in her car and catching a glimpse of Camila and Shawn out the corner of her eyes.

While speaking to Hollywood Life, a source close to both stars revealed that Camila and Shawn have always had strong feelings towards each other.

“Camila and Shawn’s feelings for one another are very, very real. There’s always been an attraction there, but it wasn’t until she was single that they could explore that.”

However, the anonymous source added that given that Camila just split with her boyfriend of one-and-a-half years, she isn’t ready to put a label on what she and Shawn have.

Things you probably never knew about Camila

1. The former ‘Fifth Harmony’ star is a vegan;

2. Her hit song ‘Havana’ came as an inspiration to her while she was eating sushi;

3. Although she is now best pals with Taylor Swift, she used to have a poster of a singer in her room when she was 14.

4. She dropped out of school in ninth grade to pursue music.

Camila and Shawn are one couple that are giving us goosebumps! We look forward to seeing more adorable photos of them!