Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver’s Wife Shares Adorable Pictures From Family Vacation In Cornwall

July 23, 2019

Jools Oliver wife of Jamie Oliver, the renowned chef, has taken to Instagram to share tidbits of the family’s awesome vacation in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

But then, did you know also know about their vow renewal?

20 years down the line

Jamie Oliver and his wife, Jools, have been married for nearly 20 years and have five lovely children. However, that has not stopped them from being madly in love with each other.

Jools recalls their first wedding as being too formal. However, because they are not such formal people, they want to do things differently now.

“Next year, we’ll have been married 20 years, and we’re going to get married again, but do things differently – outside and barefoot.”

However, before the special day, the couple whisked their children away on a summer vacation.

A dreamy family vacation

Jools has shared the first pictures from the family vacation, and it’s all about her youngest son, River. The first is of the little boy walking barefoot outdoors and a backward glance at the camera.

The second post shows the boy’s adventurous side as he is hand-in-hand with a surfing instructor as they walk with their surfing boards towards the ocean.

The caption reads:

“Hide your eyes, Granny, and Nanny. River is starting his little journey to learning more about our fantastic ocean, and your little grandson is about to take on the surf but obviously in the capable hand.”

Fans were quite taken aback by the photo. Below are some of their comments:

“Ahhhh so so soooo cute!!!! My kids just loved the sea, and once there was a surfboard around, they were gone! Lol. He is so cute walking off hold hands.”

“Your son is getting tall so fast!”

The family is having fun with the waves!

Will Jamie takes on chef duties during the holiday?

Being a chef, we wonder if Jamie will whip up one of his recipes for the family. Perhaps, a summer ratatouille salad?

With fresh herbs, freshly picked tomatoes, and courgette flowers, this dish will definitely be the perfect seal on their vacation.

With an awesome father like Jamie Oliver, there is no doubt the family will have a swell vacation!