Betty White Shares Her Simple Secrets Of Living Life To The Fullest And You Can Follow Her Example Too

April 12, 2019 15:28

It’s hard to believe but in January Betty White turned 97 years old. The legendary actress is known for celebrating her birthdays with a bang and this time it wasn’t different.

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It’s believed that Betty honored her special day by playing a poker game with friends. It does sound like something only White can do!

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Recently, the comedian shared her secrets of living life to the fullest and we should all follow her example.

Betty White’s guide book to a fulfilling life

How does White maintain her joie de vivre at 97? The actress believes that we shouldn’t take ourselves “too seriously.” She also thinks that it’s important to have a hobby that is linked to your true passion.

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White commented:

You can't ask for better than two things you love the most.

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The actress also gave advice to older women, stating that they should “have a full life.” Betty shared:

Don't try to be young. Just open your mind. Stay interested in stuff. There are so many things I won't live long enough to find out about, but I'm still curious about them.

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And the most important thing - don’t forget to laugh!

What did Betty want for her birthday present?

As White turned 97, she had one big wish and only one person could fulfill it. And that person is Robert Redford. White’s rep revealed to Us Weekly that Betty wants Redford to call her.

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She has mentioned the actor’s name quite a few times during her interviews. It’s evident that even after so many years Betty still has her eyes on Robert.

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