How Prince Charles Made Sure Princess Diana Would Never Become A Queen, According To A Royal Correspondent

June 26, 2019 10:26

There will be a day when we say “hail to King Charles.” The Queen’s eldest son is the first in the line to the British throne so the crown will be his.

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But every king needs a queen and Charles wants his wife Camilla to become one. He has already been talking to senior aids, letting them know he wishes Duchess Camilla to become Queen Consort.

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However, he never did the same for Diana. Moreover, Charles made sure the Princess would never rule by his side.

How Charles did everything to prevent Diana from becoming Queen

When Diana and Charles’ fairytale marriage turned into a complete disaster, the royal pair separated in 1992 but they divorced only 4 years later, partly because Lady Di didn’t want to.

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Apparently, Prince Charles was not happy about that. The Daily Mail reporter James Whitaker revealed that the future king was angry with his estranged wife for not giving him what he wants.

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Whitaker claimed Charles did everything he could to make sure that Diana would never become a crowned Queen. The correspondent said:

Charles has said: ‘I will never sit on the throne with that woman at my side!’

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The heir to the throne was not only all talk. He planned to “sideline” Diana. Whitaker explained:

He has told his most senior aides and legal advisers to draw up plans aimed at ‘sidelining’ Diana before any coronation.

The reason why Charles was so against Diana becoming a queen might be because the Princess didn’t think the monarch’s eldest son would make a good ruler, according to her former butler.

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Nonetheless, we would have to see about that in the future. But would you have rather seen Camilla or Diana as Queen?