Meghan Markle Once Spent A Holiday In Turkey With British Star Eddie Redmayne And We Have Proof

November 14, 2018

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is hitting cinemas now and its star Eddie Redmayne is the talk of the town again. Eddie has been having quite an exciting year, not only in his career, but in his family life, as well. The Oscar-winning actor has become a father for the second time!


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Being so busy with work and kids, Redmayne can’t set off on joyful adventures abroad as much as he used to. But he can reminisce about those fun days he spent on holiday, especially that time he went on a vacation with Meghan Markle.

A holiday with the Duchess

That’s right, the British actor and the American sweetheart, who stole the heart of a real-life prince, used to know each other very well.

Back in 2015, Meghan jetted off to Istanbul, Turkey, for a very fancy occasion. She was invited to the opening of the Soho House Club, whose consultant, Markus Anderson, is her very close friend.

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During the holiday, the former actress hung out with Eddie Redmayne, who also happened to be at the opening. The two were photographed by Jason Bailey, who posted the snap on his Twitter account.

The photographer captioned the photo:

Night in, watching movies and remember fun times with this crew.

We can imagine that was a night to remember. We don’t know if Meghan and Eddie remain close, but we are sure that Prince Harry would definitely approve of such a friendship, as he is believed to be a big Harry Potter fan.

Royal friends

The ginger royal would definitely become good pals with Eddie. However, Meghan might be struggling to win over her husband's friends, and the reason for that could be her political views.


Her ultra-liberal opinions might differ from those of the conservative Brits. But we can be certain she's found a way to warm their hearts, despite all the differences.

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