Prince Harry’s Ex-Girlfriend Cressida Bonas Is Dating Another Harry And He Has Royal Connections

January 28, 2019

Cressida Bonas is a very famous face in London’s elite social circle. She is an English model and actress who was born in the posh society as she is the youngest daughter of Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon and a granddaughter of Edward Curzon, 6th Earl Howe.

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Cressida is also Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend. Before the ginger royal met Meghan Markle, the two were in a pretty serious relationship that lasted for 2 years.

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However, both lovebirds moved on and now Bonas is dating someone who does not only share handsome looks with Prince Harry but the name as well.

The other Harry

Cressida Bonas has quietly moved on to a new man in her life for quite some time now. The couple has actually been dating for over two years and judging by their social media accounts, the two are genuinely happy.

It seems that Cressida has a particular type as her boyfriend is just as beardy and handsome as Prince Harry. Moreover, weirdly enough, his name is also Harry. Just like the ginger royal, the new Harry comes from a well-off family, which is not hard to guess as his full name is Harry Wentworth-Stanley.

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Cressida and her beau don’t hide their relationship which is evident by their cute Instagram photos. Interestingly enough, Harry 2.0 has some connection to the royal family as Prince William once opened a support center, named in the tribute to Harry’s brother, James, who ended his life back in 2006.

Meghan and Cressida have something in common too

Not only Cressida ended up with someone who has a connection to her ex. Prince Harry himself seems to be choosing his ladies by one particular feature. All of the royal’s exes, as well as his current wife, have one unusual thing in common – the feet structure.

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The ladies have something that is called Morton’s toe, which means that their second toe is longer than the big one. According to a foot reader, this might indicate strong leadership qualities.

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Does this mean the Prince is attracted to this particular trait or this particular feet structure? Who knows.

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