'Nothing's Gonna Touch You': Just Before He Killed Himself, Anthony Bourdain Seemed Perfectly Happy With His Girlfriend Asia Agento

June 12, 2018

CNN announced the death of the celebrity chef and writer Anthony Bourdain on June 8 at 61.

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Anthony Bourdain's death

The television personality had introduced generations of TV watchers to food and lifestyle cultures from around the world, and his death had come as a shock.

He was found unresponsive by his friend, Eric Ripert, a French chef, on Friday morning. His death was judged a suicide.

Nothing seemed amiss

Bourdain had been shooting his new episode of the critically acclaimed show, Parts Unknown, in France and from his social media posts, nothing seemed amiss.

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In fact, he'd been posting loved up pictures with his new girlfriend, the Italian actress Asia Agento, as recently as two weeks ago.

They debuted about a year ago on his Instagram page.

The celebrity chef's death remains a shock to both his colleagues and fans, even as it shines a light of the growing number of suicide-related deaths.

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