Bargain Hunting? Lorraine Kelly Shares A Peek At Her Thailand Resort Holiday And It Is Surprisingly Affordable

September 3, 2018 11:59

About a week ago, Scottish television presenter Lorraine Kelly shared this delightful video on her Instagram that she took during her summer vacation. Sitting outside, she thought there was a mouse under her lawn chair.

It turns out the little creature was not a rodent but a little cat that seemed lost. The cutey scampered off in a hurry and Kelly says it eventually found its mother.

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Kelly was vacationing at the Antara Lawana Koh Samui Resort in Thailand. The beautiful vacation spot boasts private rooms with all the amenities you would expect from a classy hotel, complete with private pools and a stunning view of Chaweng beach. Rooms are reasonably priced starting at $214 and going all the way up to $1,128 for a two-bedroom villa.

Fit after 50

Kelly is 58 but works quite hard to stay in shape and looks many years younger than most women her age. In 2017 she spoke with the This Morning hosts about her new fitness DVD and how working out helps her stay healthy.

It’s great fun and I enjoy it. And that’s the main thing. You’ve got to enjoy it or you’ll just go off the rails.

And all the working out is paying off. Kelly looks absolutely fantastic now, so much so she has started wearing clothes which she never imagined she could years ago. Working out gave her the confidence she needed to change her style.

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She loves to see the world

Kelly is quite the traveler and loves to explore the world whenever she finds the opportunity to. Here she is on an African Safari in February this year.

In May 2017, she shared this amazing view of the ocean from the cliff in Orkney, Scotland.

And she was never one to run away from the cold. Kelly poses in this picture last March in South Georgia.

Kelly is a living proof that age does not have to limit anyone. She continues to enjoy her career and life as she always has.

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