Amy Roloff Has A Sweet Message For Her Family And Boyfriend Chris Marek As She Turns 54

September 19, 2018

Reality TV show star, author, and proud grandma Amy Roloff celebrated her 54th birthday on September 17 in the best way ever. The “Little People, Big World” star was surrounded by family and friends.

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Roloff later shared these delightful pictures on Instagram with a sweet note to commemorate her special day. As expected, she thanked the members of her family for making the day memorable and she got a sweet word in for her beloved boyfriend, Chris Marek.

What a wonderful birthday day I had yesterday spending time and celebrating with lots of love with my kids, Chris and friends! ❤️🎉❤️. Thank you for thinking of me and sending all the thoughtful birthday wishes. I was blessed and felt loved 😊

Some of Roloff’s fans who missed out on the celebrations took to Twitter with their own goodwill messages. Congratulations again, Amy Roloff.

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Roloff has a lot to be thankful for. Despite being separated from her husband, she still enjoys a healthy friendship with him and her children all get along. Plus, she has a special connection with one of her grandchildren. Little Ember Roloff was also born in September, barely a week before her grandma.

On September 10, the family came together to celebrate Ember as she turned one. Rolloff loves her children to bits and now, her sweet grandchildren get to enjoy a double helping from grandma as they continue to be a source of joy to her.

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