Hold The Judgement: Melania Trump Didn't Actually Break Royal Protocol By Not Curtsying To The Queen

July 16, 2018

Donald and Melania Trump's first meeting with Queen Elizabeth II didn't go as smoothly as they hoped. The president was denounced for turning his back on Her Majesty, while the First Lady was criticized for not curtsying to the Queen.

Judging Melania

Many social media users were baffled by Melania's behavior around Her Majesty, as everyone expected the First Lady to curtsy during her first meeting with the Queen.

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But the public shouldn't rush to judge the FLOTUS, as she wasn't exactly required to follow the curtsy rule.

The First Lady did nothing wrong

Officially speaking, Donald and Melania Trump weren't obligated to bow or curtsy to Queen Elizabeth II. The royal rule doesn't extend to the visiting Heads of State.

In addition, bowing and curtsying to the Queen are considered traditional forms of greeting, while there are no obligatory codes of conduct these days. Most people prefer to go with a simple handshake, just like the First Couple did.

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Successful visit

While some people decided to focus on royal rules, others were excited to see President Donald Trump and the First Lady Melania meet with Her Majesty.

Complying with royal protocol is important, but seeing how members of the royal family sometimes forget the rules, it's not a big deal is visiting parties do as well.

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