Half Of A Century! Hugh Jackman Is Celebrating 50th Birthday Today Posting A Very Hilarious Photo Talking About His Age

October 12, 2018

Hugh Jackman, the famous Australian actor, singer, and producer, celebrates his 50th birthday today! He looks handsome as always, enjoying every moment of life and building a successful acting career.


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Hugh Jackman admits that many of his friends claim he looks much younger than 50, and he even started to believe them. But at one moment, everything changed as he saw a photo of himself sleeping.

On his birthday, Hugh Jackman posted a hilarious picture on the Instagram account and talked about his age. He wrote that the real age is visible only when you are sleeping. One more time Hugh Jackman proved to have a really good sense of humor.

Twitter users immediately reacted to this photo, writing that Hugh Jackman looks amazing, and is in a really good shape.

Hugh Jackman is mostly known for his legendary roles in the X-Men film series, as well as in the romantic-comedy fantasy Kate & Leopold, the action-horror film Van Helsing, the epic fantasy drama The Fountain, the film version of Les Misérables, and many more.