10-Year-Old Cerebral Palsy Survivor Asked Prince Harry What His Favorite Disney Film Was, He Gave The Cutest Answer

September 6, 2018

At public events, Prince Harry is easily the most liked royal. And this is because he's a natural.


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Meeting the inspiring Chloe Henderson

At a recent outing, where he and Meghan Markle joined the WellChild Awards to honor brave children in Britain, he had the crowd wrapped around his fingers.

Or it was, perhaps, the other way round. The children he met had him eating out of their palms!  When he and Markle met 10-year-old awardee Chloe Henderson, a cerebral palsy survivor who was there as the first disabled child to pass ballet exams with the Royal Academy of Dance, they had a good chat about Disney animated films.

Harry and George share a favorite cartoon

Harry disclosed that his favorite Disney film was The Lion King, a taste he shares with his nephew Prince George who loves cartoons. He also shared titbits from his other go-to animation movies from Zootropolis to Moana, which are also loved by Markle.

The trio hit it off so well that Harry asked to be invited over sometime for movie night at the home of the Hendersons and Chloe said they'd love to have them.

Online, everyone is in love with this inspiring 10-year-old and rooting for her to be the greatest ballerina in the world.

However, people think it's funny that Prince Harry and George happen to like The Lion King together. They think it's a curious choice. Thoughts? 

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Prince Harry