Pet-Themed Pool Parties? Hell Yes!: Fans Are Going Wild Over The Poolside Photo Ellen DeGeneres Shared Of Her Dogs

August 6, 2018

Ellen DeGeneres is all about pets and pool parties this summer. What's more, fans are falling over themselves to copy this trend.

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Feel good queen

The funny woman is a sucker for giving her fans a good laugh and she almost never has a comedy flop, because well, she's good at it.


Her mantra is simple: "I represent happiness to a lot of people. I want to keep myself as open and as nonjudgmental as possible".

Pets and pool parties

Apparently, she wasn't just saying this about her comedy talk show. Anyone who follows her on social media knows just how hilarious her personal life is even when she isn't trying.

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And so, if any picture of a house pet chilling by the poolside pops up on your timeline, you have Ellen to thank for that.

After she casually shared a picture of her dogs dressed in the coolest of dog garbs by her pool, fans immediatelly latched on.

Fans are into this

We have to say, we certainly don't mind getting spammed by cool dogs on our timelines and we can't imagine anyone hating this new trend.

In fact, if the comments and tweets are anything to go by, it's safe to say this is the hottest trend this summer and you might just be getting an invite to a pet themed summer pool party sooner than you think.

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