Suicide Of “Austin Powers” Star, Verne Troyer, Proves That Famous People Aren't Shielded From Mental Health Issues

November 6, 2018 16:53

Fame and spotlight is not necessarily as comfy and fun as we think. Sometimes, it can be excruciating and dangerous for the physical and mental health. This can later lead to suicide, a fact that is evident in the suicide rate of celebrities over the years. 

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It is normal to feel down at different times, but having these feelings for a long time calls for attention. Different things cause depression, and because these celebrities are humans, it is natural for them to feel all these emotions too. These emotions can become more severe in the case of celebrities. Because their job expects them to keep up a particular appearance, it can be more difficult to get help.

The shocking death of Verne Troyer

The suicide of Verne Troyer was a shock to the whole world. The actor, who starred in "Austin Powers," died on April 21, 2018. He was a happy and confident actor, and not even the fact that he was 2ft 8 seemed to bother him as he kept us laughing in his roles. 

At the time he died in April, the cause of death was not yet clear. Months later, after proper autopsy was done, the actor's death was declared a suicide. He died from the effects of alcohol which he had struggled with for a long time. Following his death, there were tributes from his fellow actors saying how great and kind-hearted Troyer was. It was truly a sad death and a totally unexpected loss; he died at age 49. 

His death also created awareness to the problem that's clearly needs more attention, "suicide".

Mental health is important

There have been at least five celebrities lost to suicide this year and cases of celebrities rushed down to mental institutions. There are also suicide and depression that are not accounted for. People have lost their lost ones to the deadly mental health problem - "depression". 

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According to WHO, over one million people die by suicide every year. The more awareness there is about depression, the more we can help prevent suicide. Taking care of your health also includes mental health. It is also important to speak up when you notice someone close to you might be going through depression. Asking the person after noticing can go a long way in helping them. Do not be shy about helping someone in this situation; they need it.

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Knowing that pain is a feeling that passes with time can also help with handling it better. If this pain does not go away, then you should know you need professional help and seek it. You should always know, you make the world more beautiful.

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