Revealed: Buckingham Palace Has A Secret Passage, But Where Does It Lead To?

July 27, 2018

Buckingham Palace is probably the world’s most known royal residence as well as one of the top England’s attractions. This summer, the country’s visitors can have a sneaky look inside to see where Her Majesty spends her days when she’s in London.

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But not many know that one of the rooms has a little secret hidden behind its walls.

The secret passage

With the Queen venturing to Scotland to enjoy hot summer days in her residence there, her London home is officially open for visitors. For those who decided to take a tour of the State Apartments, we suggest staying a little bit longer in the White Drawing Room.


The stunning place has a secret door that leads to Her Majesty’s private state apartments, which members of the public are not allowed to see. The correspondents from HELLO! were lucky enough to be shown the monarch’s hidden passage, which allows her to travel through the palace in a swift manner.


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So, where is this secret passage? If you take a look at the magnificent golden mirror and a dresser, you won’t spot anything besides their splendid beauty. However, the mirror is actually a secret door. How ingenious, isn’t it? It’s usually left slightly ajar, so the visitors can take a little peek inside.

Top things to see on Buckingham Palace tour

If you want to play Sherlock Holmes and find the secret passage, you should book a tour into State Rooms. During the tour, you will see 19 lavishly decorated public rooms where the monarch receives her visitors.


Another interesting thing to see at the Buckingham Palace would be its gorgeous gardens. Its 39 acres offer more than 350 types of wildflowers, around 200 trees, and a beautiful lake. This is the place where the Queen holds her annual Garden Parties.


For the lovers of art, there is also a stunning painting collection, which features big names like Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Dyck, and many more.

The royal home always welcomes visitors during summer, so make sure to not miss your chance to visit its grandiose exterior.

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