Mike Tindall Reveals Wife Zara "Almost Ripped His Head Off" As She Gave Birth To 9Lb 3Oz Baby

July 2, 2018

Delivering a baby is quite a complicated task for a mom, but we rarely talk about how difficult the process can be for dads too. Recently, a new dad Mike Tindall shared his experience.


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Baby Lena

On June 18, Zara Tindall gave birth to her second daughter and while most sympathies and praises go to her for delivering a 9lb 3oz baby, her husband admits he was struggling during the labor, too.


Admittedly, Mike Tindall thinks his wife is “amazing,” but not everything was great during the labor. As he jokes:

She almost ripped my head off, so it was difficult.

And Tindall’s head is not amongst the smallest ones, so surely it’s not an easy talk. However, we can only imagine how it was for Zara.

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After the birth

In fact, it seems that the labor wasn’t the only difficult thing about having baby Lena Elizabeth. The life of the 39-year-old dad now has got much tougher.


Since the birth, Mike has been jumping from one sporting event to another, but he gave a glimpse into his new schedule:

This is how amazing my wife is. I had a day off on Thursday, did a bit of feeding, and then played Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The life of a new parent can be exhausting, right?


Luckily, Zara and Mike have a little helper – their firstborn daughter, 4-year-old Mia Grace. According to a proud dad, “she’s been a good big sister.

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