Self-Centered Mother? Kris Jenner Relaxes On Tommy Hilfiger's Yacht, While Her Daughter Kim Desperately Misses Her

July 18, 2018 12:37

If you are Kardashian, be sure you’ll have access to all the best places to relax ever. And Tommy Hilfiger's yacht might be one of them.

Kris on Tommy Hilfiger's yacht

Kris Jenner has recently shared some photos from her wonderful time on Tommy Hilfiger's yacht.

And they can’t be more beautiful. There is everything a person might need to have a great time.

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Apparently, Kris wasn’t the only guest invited, as there was a beautiful table for about 8 people.

How could you?

Kim, the daughter of Kris, must have been a bit jealous of her mother’s vacation on the yacht. That’s why she posted a cute photo of herself with the mommy and captioned it:

Can you come home from your vacay already mom? I miss you @krisjenner

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It’s so cute when already grown-up kids miss their parents so much!

Public reactions

People on social media have said it’s too sweet. They just adored the photo of two women together and agreed they both looked gorgeous. What’s more, there were those who wrote they missed both of them so much and wanted to meet them one day.

kimkardashian / Instagram

kimkardashian / Instagram

Isn’t it beautiful when mother and daughter have such a heartfelt relationship?

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