Did Meghan Really Need Harry For A Husband? This Never-Seen-Before Picture Says Maybe Not

December 20, 2018

Before Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex, she was just an ordinary American actress that hustled from one set to another. However, while her new royal title was a giant step for the Los Angeles born actress, her life was not that ordinary as she has undergone an impressive growth that has prepared made her for the woman she is today.

In her past life before all the glamour and class, Meghan dabbled as a calligrapher to support herself between various acting gigs. As a budding actress, Markle featured in various shows that include Century City (2004), The War At Home (2006), CSI: NY (2006), Deal or No Deal, and Fox’s Fringe.


However, her biggest break as an actress was on USA Network’s Suits, where she played the morally-upright paralegal Rachel Zane. Additionally, Markle also appeared regularly as a fashion expert on The Today Show. These old jobs in Markle’s past life show that she was a busy lady before she met – and later married – her Prince Charming.


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Did Meghan Really Need Harry For A Husband?

In a new never-seen-before photo of Meghan before the wedding, it would seem that the former actress did not really need Harry for a husband. She was independent, had a rich heritage, and she was definitely going places.

In this original and touching photo of Meghan, she poses with the Marquis de Piro and his wife Frances while she is wearing the incredible ghonnella national head-dress. Her exceptional picture with the members of the Maltese aristocracy reveals that Meghan had powerful connections even before she knew Harry.

According to her lineage, Meghan’s great-great-grandmother was born in Malta, which suggests that her history is very unique. So, while she is married into the British aristocracy, it is important to note that she also has a rich legacy.

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What do others think of Meghan Markle before Harry?

For some, while being married into the royal family is a big deal, Meghan's marriage does not define her as she was already her own woman before it. While most people would say that Meghan is lucky, it is also true that she was successful before Harry and this is a fact that should be appreciated.

This new, never-seen-before picture reveals that Meghan is not just the Duchess of Sussex, but is also a lady with a rich history and heritage. The expectant Meghan's marriage into the royal family was a crown on her accomplishments as a young actress who let nothing faze her, as she used hard work and determination to carve her own path in life.

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