“I’m An Emoji Person So I Just Sent A Bunch Of Hearts": Miley Cyrus Reveals The Touching Message She Sent To Ariana Grande After Her Break-Up

December 27, 2018

For many music lovers, Ariana Grande, the 2018 Billboard Woman Of The Year, is not only talented as a singer, but also a great inspiration as she has achieved great fetes at a very young age.

Yet, despite her great successes on song charts all over the world, the No Tears Left to Cry singer has equally faced significant challenges in the recent past – aspects that truly tested her strength as a woman.


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The recent downturn from Ariana’s exciting life was the news that she had broken up with Pete Davidson, who she had dated for only a few weeks before they got engaged. 

According to reports, Ariana’s hectic and chaotic personal year took a toll on her life, a fact that necessitated major changes to her future plans such as the planned wedding.


Especially after the death of Mac Miller, Ariana’s ex-boyfriend in September, she felt overwhelmed since she did not take time to grieve as she still had a career to build. So, for Ariana, the breakup was a gesture that she desired to slow things down a little bit to process everything happening in her life.

Miley Cyrus reached out when Ariana needed support

However, while the God Is A Woman star remained strong throughout these tough moments, she also received support from her family and close friends who helped her through it all.


Speaking on how she handled her friend’s break-up, fellow Nickelodeon actress and singer Miley Cyrus revealed that she sent her a text after learning about the breakup.

I’m and emoji person so I just sent a bunch of hearts and the little cat with the heart eyes.

The text, which expressed Miley’s love in her trying moment was important as it demonstrated her great need to show that she was there for her as a friend. To her text, Ariana answered with a cloud emoji that might have signaled her somber mood at the time.

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Ariana's fans were empathetic to the breakup

For Ariana’s fans, the break-up was a downturn moment that was met with both empathy and great disappointment.

Regardless of their situation, it is clear that Pete and Ariana made each other happy and they will surely always remain special to each other.

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