"She’ll Be A Credit To The Crown": Kate Middleton Wins Hearts As She Interacts With The Public

December 20, 2018 10:35

Kate Middleton was out and about during the recent Leicester City walkabout, and while paying her respects to the club’s owner, Kate won over the public with her charm.

Kate fascinated the public as she shook hands, exchanged simple greetings, and engaged in pleasant conversations with everyone in attendance. Her conduct at the walkabout ignited cheery talks that she is a credit to the crown, as she is extraordinary, delightful and a wonderful Queen-to-be.


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Kate, who is currently the Duchess of Cambridge is on track to become Queen Catherine in the line of succession when her husband Prince William becomes King. While the possibilities of her becoming the Queen are still far-fetched at this point, it appears that the Duchess is set on winning the hearts of Britons with her charisma.


"She’ll be a credit to the Crown!"

For people who saw pictures and videos of Kate interacting with the public, her natural charm was delightful and it was easy to see that she is indeed, a credit to the crown.

Some people noticed that Kate was very natural in her demeanor, a fact that showed her inborn charm, a distinguishing characteristic that is not associated with most reserved royals.

To others, Kate’s demeanor was simply heartwarming as she brought sunshine despite the day’s somber mood and cold weather.

What about Meghan Markle?

Well, seeing Kate Middleton wholeheartedly embrace her role as the future Queen had others theorizing where all this leaves Meghan, whose husband, Prince Harry, is sixth in the line of succession. 

For Meghan, whose chances of ever becoming the Queen are slim and just a far-fetched dream, to say the least, an ascension to the throne could introduce many changes to the royal household.

If Meghan is the Queen, the public will surely see more interviews, changes in fashion, and probably even more handshakes, since, just like Kate, she’s very interactive with the public.


Nevertheless, the Duchess of Sussex is very happy in her current title and is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first child with her lovely Prince charming.

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