Meghan Markle Was Brutally Slammed For Seeking Attention And Making A ‘Fashion Show' During The Gala Awards Ceremony

October 29, 2018

Meghan Markle made all eyes on her during the Gala Awards ceremony in Sydney when she stepped out in a spectacular new dress. But haters attacked the Duchess for turning the noble event into a ‘fashion show.’

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Fashion show’ by Duchess Meghan?

Splendid! Gorgeous! Breathtaking! That’s how we can describe Meghan Markle’s appearance at the Australian Geographic Society Gala Awards in Sydney amid the royal tour of Australia.


Meghan resembled a real princess as she stepped out in one of her most gorgeous gowns to date. The Duchess’ wore a dress from the incredible Oscar de la Renta’s latest collection – a white tulle ball gown with a black bonded ribbon featuring a delicate bird embroidering on the bodice.


It was easy to confuse the Duchess with Cinderella from a fairytale. Meghan indeed looked like never before. Maybe, it’s the pregnancy that gives her a special charm.

However, instead of compliments, Meghan’s appearance generated a lot of negative comments and discussions on social media.

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People accused the Duchess of seeking attention and turning the prestigious event into a cheap fashion show.

'We stand by you, Meghan!'

We wonder how people can be so cruel towards the pregnant Duchess. Fortunately, there were those who liked Meghan’s look and began to defend her from the haters.

Well, haters remain haters. We hope the Duchess of Sussex doesn’t feel hurt about all these offensive comments from strangers. Besides, the majority of fans love Meghan. In our opinion, she always looks brilliant.

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