Andrea Bocelli And Ariana Grande’s Duo Performance Mesmerized Fans Around The World

October 9, 2018

Nothing can raise a mood better than a powerful song performed by a talented singer. Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande's duet stole people’s hearts several years ago and is still considered as one of the most successful duo performances ever.


Unforgettable duet

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t know the opera legend, Andrea Bocelli, or hasn’t heard at least one of his songs.

Bocelli is an iconic figure in the music world. As a teenager, he lost his sight after a football incident, but it hasn’t stopped him from following his dream. Andrea has devoted his life to music and become the worldwide recognized star of the entire generation.

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In 2015, Bocelli recorded a track with a popular singer, Ariana Grande. Their song entitled “E Più Ti Penso” was included in Andrea’s album “Cinema.”

Fans around the globe were mesmerized by Ariana’s singing in Italian. However, the fact is that Grande has Italian (and part Sicilian) origin.


This incredible collaboration of two talented singers can’t leave anyone indifferent. That’s what we call a soulful performance.

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“E Più Ti Penso”

By the way, Andrea Bocelli will perform at Prince Eugenie’s wedding on Friday, October 12, at St. George’s Chapel. No doubt, the singer will stun the audience and royal guests with his exceptional voice.


Did you like Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande’s song? We look forward to hearing your opinions in the comments.

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