Jane Fonda Jokes It's A Miracle She's Lived To Be 80: “I Didn't Think I'd Make This Long”

May 15, 2018 10:56

We love when Jane Fonda jokes about her age. The actress is 80, but so what if she still looks great just as decades ago.

In her recent conversation with a popular host Ellen DeGeneres, Fonda confessed it’s a miracle she’s lived to be 80.


“I feel very blessed”

No doubt, Jane Fonda is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Last year, the star celebrated her 80th anniversary. But the age seems to have no power over fabulous Jane.

When the actress steps out on a red carpet, she makes all eyes on her. It takes Fonda a lot of efforts to be in such a good shape. The star is known for her passion for sports. She has even launched her own fitness program and made video lessons of her training routine.

In the Friday episode of the Ellen’s Show, Jane Fonda gets candid about how she really feels about her age. Some of you will be surprised to find out that the Hollywood icon has never thought she would live till this age. Fonda tells Ellen:

The fact that I'm not an addict, and I'm 80, and I'm working—it's just a miracle to me. I didn't think I'd live this long. I feel very blessed.

Few people know that Fonda passed through the dark times in her early years. Her mother committed suicide when Jane was just 12 years old. The actress also battled bulimia for decades and had three failed marriages. But none of these could stop the star from following her dreams. Bravo, Jane!

You can watch Jane Fonda’s interview with Ellen in the video below.

Jane Fonda is a longtime fashion icon and role model for many young actresses in Hollywood. Her fadeless beauty leaves men speechless and makes women jealous. We wish amazing Jane Fonda long and happy life full of bright moments.

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