‘Dancing With The Stars’ Cheryl Burke Shows Off Her Engagement Ring, And The Only Thing We Can Say Is ‘Wow’

May 8, 2018

What gift does each girl dream to receive on her birthday? There are millions of options, but the one which Matthew Lawrence presented to his girlfriend, Cheryl Burke, would definitely be the right choice for any woman.

The actor surprised Dancing With the Stars Cheryl with a gorgeous engagement ring right on her 34th birthday.


Close-up photo of Cheryl Burke’s engagement ring

Matthew and Cheryl know each for really long time. The couple dated for two years 10 years ago. After a lasting split, the lovebirds understood how much they missed each other and a decade later, they reunited again.

On Cheryl’s 34th birthday, Matthew decided to surprise his honey with something really special – a marriage proposal. Burke confessed she was totally surprised by this unexpected move. And, of course, she said “Yes.”

On Thursday, Cheryl posted a photo of herself showing off her wedding ring and hugging her future husband. The bride-to-be captioned the sweet post:

OMG! So far so good for 34!

A day later, Lawrence also posted a close-up photo of that wedding ring, and the only thing we can say is “Wow!”

The ring is a two-carat diamond set in 18kt white gold. It has a special meaning to Matthew because his father proposed to his mom with this exact ring. The actor only added more diamonds to make the piece of jewelry look even more gorgeous.

Lawrence explained he wanted the ring to be “classy, elegant, and magnificent just like Cheryl.” 

In our opinion, Matthew Lawrence has a great taste for jewelry. The ring is just awesome! Our best wishes to the happy couple!

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