Prince Harry Responds To News Agency's Apology For Photographing His And Meghan’s Home From A Helicopter

May 17, 2019 13:12

Prince Harry proved that he is an overprotective husband and father after he settled a privacy claim against news agency for sharing photos of his and Meghan’s home without permission.

Harry protects his family from public eyes

The life of British royals is not as joyful as it seems with annoying paparazzi constantly following their every step. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle know this firsthand.

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The royal lovebirds didn’t spend much time in their former home in the Cotswolds, and now we know the reason.

Prince Harry settled a privacy claim against Splash News and Photo Agency for photographing their home from a helicopter in January this year. The agency reportedly released the photos of their living area, dining area, and bedroom.

According to the latest update, the agency apologized to the royal family for such an inappropriate privacy contravention in a statement.

We apologize to the Duke and Duchess for the distress we have caused.

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In their turn, Buckingham Palace released their own statement, which said that Harry accepted the apology.

Now we know why Harry and Meghan decided to move out from the Cotswold and settle in their new home in Frogmore Estate.

As the new parents of baby Archie, they want to raise their son in privacy aside from the constant attention of paparazzi.

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We admire Prince Harry! He proved that he is able to protect his wife and son’s privacy whatever it takes.