“Happy Birthday, Wonderful”: Ellen DeGeneres Melts Hearts As She Sends The Words Of Love To Her Wife Portia De Rossi

February 1, 2019

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi keep their love stronger every single day. On Portia’s birthday, her charming wife Ellen surprised her lovebird with a touching tribute.

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Happy birthday, wonderful!

On Thursday, January 31, a popular actress and simply a gorgeous woman Portia de Rossi celebrated her 46th birthday.

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Her soulmate and beloved wife – the world-favorite talk-show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres – surprised the birthday girl with a heart-melting tribute.

Ellen shared a cute photo with her beautiful wife and their two dogs on Instagram, alongside an emotional message. Here’s what she wrote:

Happy birthday to my wonderful wife Portia. As a birthday gift, you can follow her on Instagram I love you and our family.

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So sweet! By the way, several days ago, on January 26, DeGeneres also celebrated her birthday. The star turned 61.

A month ago, Ellen and Portia marked another great milestone – 15 wonderful and unforgettable years together. In one of her early interviews, DeGeneres commented on their relationship with de Rossi.

Ellen said:

I knew she was the one when I just saw her.

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We can’t help admiring this charming couple. Happy birthday, Portia! May all your cherished dreams come true!

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