Congratulations, Little Cuties! Robert And Kym Herjavec Shared The Sweetest Photos Of Their Twins' 1st Birthday Celebration

April 24, 2019 14:37

The Herjavec twins have just celebrated their first birthday! Do you want to know how their proud parents Robert and Kym congratulated the birthday kids? Luckily, we have everything in pictures.

How the Herjavec twins celebrated their 1st birthday

Dancing with the Stars pros, Robert and Kym Herjavec, have some great news to share. On April 23, their adorable baby twins turned 1 year old. Cool milestone, isn’t it?

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To make this special day unforgettable for their babies, Robert and Kym arranged a huge family celebration with a birthday cake, balloons, and many gifts from relatives and friends.

Fortunately, Kym didn’t forget to share the party details on her Instagram, and her numerous fans are really grateful for this.

Kym shared a series of cute photos featuring the birthday twins – Hudson and Haven. The dancer wrote in a caption:

So special celebrating Haven and Hudson turning 1 with our Aussie Family and friends.

How sweet! Just one look at the twins’ smiling faces and chubby cheeks makes our hearts melt.

These little angels grow up so fast. It seems just like yesterday Robert and Kym welcomed their son and daughter, and now they are celebrating their first birthday. We won’t surprise if these kids will finish school before we know it.

Our congratulations to Hudson and Haven Herjavec on their first birthday! Grow up happy and healthy, little cuties!