Wow! Chrissy Metz Stuns In A Gorgeous Black Swimsuit Enjoying A Vacation With A Friend

October 12, 2018

Chrissy Metz proves that you don’t need to have a slim figure to become a Hollywood star. The actress got tired to be embarrassed about her curves and, for the first time in 38 years, she wore a swimsuit on vacation.

Chrissy Metz stuns in a black swimsuit

Chrissy Metz is synonymous with body positivity and loving yourself as you’re. Recently, This Is Us star proved her status of a role model again.

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Chrissy shared a snap during her vacation with a friend at the Barbados resort. The actress stuns in her black swimsuit which perfectly highlights her gorgeous forms. The funny fact is that Metz confessed it was the first time when she wore a swimsuit in public.

I was proud to shed some of my insecurities because as a teen, I grew up wearing a T-shirt at the pool.

In our opinion, Chrissy looks fantastic in the swimsuit. All plus-sized women should follow her example and stop being embarrassed about their bodies.

Tired to be body-shamed

Like most plus-sized women, Metz also suffered a lot because of her weight, especially as a teenager. It took her many years to finally love and accept herself as she is.

People who’ve never been overweight don’t understand what it all entails.

By the way, her character in This Is Us also deals with the weight loss thing. This aspect is often discussed on the show.

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Metz says she still can’t understand those people who are surprised that a “big girl could be on TV.” Fortunately, she got over it after years. Being on public or appearing on a red carpet has helped feel more confident about her body.

It is fair to say that Chrissy Metz serves as an inspiration for all those women who are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. She encourages the ladies to love their appearance and find happiness. Bravo, Chrissy!

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