It’s About Time! Judge Judy Will Be Honored With A Special Lifetime Award For Her Awesome Work On Television


March 14, 2019 14:56 By Fabiosa

The people’s favorite Judy Sheindlin, best-known as Judge Judy, will be honored with a special award for her great contribution to the television industry.

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Judge Judy will get a special award

Judy Sheindlin stole fans’ hearts since she first appeared in the popular television court-based series, Judge Judy in 1996.

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The show immediately became one of the highest-rated programs on American television. Around 10 million viewers watch the show daily.

No doubt, the show success won’t be so huge without its longtime host, Judy Sheindlin. By the way, Sheindlin previously worked as a Family Court prosecution lawyer and became Supervising Judge in 1986.

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For her great job and significant contribution to the television industry, Judge Judy will be honored with the Emmy Award for Lifetime Achievement. The 46th Emmy Awards ceremony will take place in LA on May 5.

Though in the court, Sheindlin earned a reputation of a strict and even tough judge, her family knows her as a kind and generous person. Judy has 5 children and 13 grandkids.

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Judy speaks about her success secrets

We are so happy for Judge Judy and love watching her awesome show. Our congratulations to Judy on her award! She truly deserves it!

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