Ivanka Trump Replaces Melania At White House Event, While The First Lady Is Still Nowhere To Be Seen

May 31, 2018 15:23

It’s been more than 2 weeks since Melania Trump underwent a successful kidney surgery, but she has been completely out of spotlight ever since. This unusually long disappearance made many people worry about the First Lady’s health status.

Twitter users made numerous guesses and even came up with conspiracy theories to explain Melania’s absence.

 Some people are really concerned due to the Donald Trump’s past and sexual misconduct allegations.

As the First Lady is nowhere to be seen, another family member helped Donald Trump host a “White House Sports and Fitness Day” event – his daughter Ivanka. When giving opening remarks, the president expressed his gratitude to the 36-year-old, saying:

Thanks also to Ivanka for her leadership in refocusing the Council. She’s worked so hard on this.

The field day event was aimed at addressing declining participation in youth sports. Along with his senior advisor, Trump hosted more than 250 children, their parents, and coaching staff, cheering the kids while they were playing soccer, baseball, and other sports.



As for Melania, she finally broke silence and posted a tweet, reassuring her well-wishers that she was doing well. According to the president’s wife, she’s at the White House with her family, working hard.

Her spokeswoman also confirmed that the 48-year-old had been involved in a number of internal meetings over the last week.


We’re looking forward to seeing the First Lady in public soon.

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