Double Hand Hold! Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Take PDA To A Totally New Level

October 19, 2018

We all know that Prince Harry can't keep himself away from his gorgeous wife. Though public touchings are strictly (or maybe not) against the Royal protocol, the couple just can't stop showing their bond and love.

Queen Elizabeth II, maybe it's time to rewrite the protocol because Harry isn't going to follow it?

Double hand hold

Prince Harry loves Meghan so much that he wants to hold her all the time, preferably by both hands.

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It's not the first time Harry holds her while talking to somebody or on other occasions, but he just invented a new hand-holding style.

Our hearts weren't ready for such a thing, Harry!

Joyous moments at Bondi Beach

We can't get enough of these two!

If you ever find a relevant explanation of Meghan and Harry's cuteness, please, let us know!

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Inevitably, people also can't stand but admire them!

Please, take us to the Heavens as well!

"Shame on you, Meghan, for showing too much PDA!"

We guess the royal birds hear these words pretty much, but why should Meghan care about them if she has Harry "Mr. Right" next to her?

Come on, guys! Even if she doesn't touch, she has a deeply 'in love' look at Harry's face. We can't stop this, sorry!

We highly doubt our hearts will beat after the new portion of their perfect photos. Lord save us!

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