Hollywood Actor Invites 89-Years-Old Elderly Neighbor To Live Final Days With Him

October 12, 2018

Christopher Louis Salvatore is top 50 bisexual male celebrities in the United States. Growing up in Richboro, Pennsylvania, Chris spent days acting, dancing, singing, and entertaining his family.  

Moreover, the star promotes equality in the LGBT movement and supports the Gay American Heroes Foundation. He doesn't feel stigma or uncertainty to do what he has believed all his lifetime.

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Unusually sincere friendship 

Eating Out star presents more than marvelous appearance, excellent acting, and promotion of LGBT community across the USA. His BFF is not a hot American girl or a guy but an 89-years-old Norma Cook.

Salvatore, 31, did not feel ashamed to be beside a senior woman, who was not only his neighbor but a true friend. Norma Cook was diagnosed with leukemia and doctors told that only miracle could help to make her days livelier. And that's where Chris stepped in. Norma moved into his house so that Christopher could take proper care of his 89-years-old best friend.

Chris Salvatore believed (well, still believes) that only kindness could save people. Hence, he cherished her 24/7. He notified that it was his duty to comfort Norma and make her at peace. He didn't want to let his soulmate feel lonely as she meant the world for him. Cook sincerely and happily told:

He is a grandson I never had.

Last chapter of life

However, life ends as fast as it starts. In February 2017, Chris posted a photo on his Instagram capturing with heartbreaking and sensitive words. A 31-year-old man could not stand but harbor pain, sorrow, and emptiness.

Norma Cook died surrounded by love, laughter, care, and close friendship. Salvatore wrote:

 Norma reminded me that we all are created to love all desire to be loved.

And this is the truth. We all want to have a genuine and sincere love: whether between friends, husband and wife, mother and child.

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Love is of importance

The story inspires people to be kind and attentive as much as it makes everybody believe in the undeniable bond between one another. It is not necessary to be friends only with peers, and it is not necessary to help only those who appeal to you the most.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved, and that's what Chris helped all of us to understand due to his journey.

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