Kris Jenner Gets Misty-Eyed After Finding Out She's Becoming A Grandma For The 10th Time

May 13, 2019 17:17

They say motherhood is the greatest experience for a woman. But what about grand-parenthood? We guess it's double the joy. Kris Jenner is going through this overwhelming experience and her reaction was caught live. So precious!

The most popular of Kardashian's and Kris Jenner's favorite daughter, Kim has big news to share. She has 3 children with husband, Kanye West. While Chicago and North were carried by her, their son Saint arrived via surrogacy. Kim has complications conceiving but wanted another child. Her baby boy has just been welcomed on May 10 with the same process.

Surprise, grandma!

Kris Jenner was invited on Ellen DeGeneres show and was pleased with a surprise appearance. Her eldest one, Kourtney emerged with her 6 grandchildren and gave grandma lots of love. As they carried on, the news about Kim and Kanye's 4th child was disclosed. Kourtney told her mom that the surrogate is in labor at the moment.

The reaction of Kris' face was just priceless. The founder of KUWK got her eyes all misty with tears of joy. Her genuine excitement was caught on camera. She was just a few hours away from becoming a grandmother one more time. How incredible!

All her bundles of joy

Kris looks so remarkably smart and gorgeous that it's unbelieve she actually has 10 grandchildren now. Kourtney has three kids while Kim has four. Khloe and Kyle have one kid each too. While Rob Kardashian has one daughter with ex-fiancée, Blac Chyna. Kendall persists on being childless for now.

These 10 cuties are the future of the Kardashian clan. The audiences are eager to watch them take over Hollywood soon. Share this and let us know if you just adore them.