"You Never Know!": Whoopi Goldberg Finally Shares How She Coped With Her Only Brother's Death

May 15, 2019 10:53

Everyone talks about getting over the lost ones with therapy, meditation and simply letting go. But, the ones who've gone through such tragedy can tell that healing only comes in the most unexpected ways. Whoopi Goldberg is sharing from her own experience how it worked for her.

Whoopi and her only younger brother, Clyde were raised by their single mother, Emma Johnson, née Harris. They lived on a housing estate in New York. Ms. Johnson did a lot of jobs to make both ends meet. She used to nurse and teach to give the best lives to her children. 

How did Whoopi cope with Clyde's demise?

On May 13, 2015, Clyde Johnson passed away after suffering from a brain aneurysm. He was 65. Whoopi had to rush to California to bid farewell to her only sibling. He occasionally worked as her driver on film sets. When she returned to her show The View, she sat with her co-hosts to remember him.

Her colleagues dubbed her 'Captain of the Ship' and welcomed her back. She responded in gratitude to it as "You never know." Whoopi went on to reveal how she coped with Clyde's death. It wasn't fake sympathy from health institutions.

She actually came across a sanctuary in LA, referred by her friend that didn't pity at her tragedy or anything. They just respected her and finally, she learned to celebrate Clyde's life instead of mourning his expiry.

Their mother's demise

Her brother's loss hit her hard as they had already lost their mother in 2010. Emma suffered from a severe stroke. After her, Whoopi thought she'd be alright cause she had Clyde with her. Now, she relied on the support of her fans and all those who care for her.

Whoopi has shown courage in extraordinary ways. She prefers to move on for those who still love her and are in her life. Share this and send your best wishes to the strong lady.