Sarah Ferguson Wore A Stunning Dress To Her Daughter Eugenie's Wedding. Her Hat Choice Is Arguable, Though!

October 14, 2018

We were wowed at another royal wedding, as there were so many stunning looks to follow. Princess Eugenie's grand wedding to Jack Brooksbank at Windsor Castle was lit, but it was her mother who stole the spotlight.


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Mother of bride's dress

Duchess of York arrived in a stunning deep green dress by Emma Louise Design, a local designer from Ascot. But what's more interesting was her hat, designed by Milliner Jess Collett. People found it to be a little bizarre since the golden wings of her hat resembled horns.


Sarah Ferguson was also carrying a vintage Manolo Blahnik bag, which was formerly adorned by her late mother, Susan Barrantes, at her own wedding to Prince Andrew. What a journey down the memory lane! But people were more focused on her hat and couldn't get over its weirdness right away.

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Slammed for her hat

All kind of jokes were provoked, including the assumption the wings on her hat are functionally able to make her fly, as well. She looked ravishing, but in public's opinion, the hat just failed to be a cherry on the cake. 

The bride's overall presence smoldered all the compliments to her in the end. Her incredible journey begins now!

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The bride's look

Princess Eugenie looked lovely and charming. Like Meghan, her hairstyle was upswept, with a few layers of hair relaxing the look by dangling across her face. The tiara she wore hasn't been seen in public since Mrs. Greville gave it to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, in 1942. Woah! Now that's something old!

Princess Eugenie’s beautiful dress was designed by Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos. It features a sleek neckline that folds around the shoulders to a low back bow that drapes into a flowing full-length train.

The occasion has excited people, all over the world. Share your precious thoughts on Sarah's and Princess' wedding looks!

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