Melania Trump's Ex-BF Clues In Details About Her Past: "She Was Never A Typical Slovenian Girl"

June 25, 2019 16:02

We already know how unique Melania Trump is. But, we don't know about her origins and how she became such a powerful woman. Media exploits her image with fashion scandals and bizarre conspiracy theories. Time to acknowledge her real story.

President Trump's beautiful wife has broken First Lady stereotypes in many ways. She is the only first lady in about 200 years who wasn't born in America. Melania's native language isn't English which is also a singularity among former ones. Above all unlike any other before her, she was a lingerie model.

How was she as a young girl?

Jure Zorcic claims to be Melania Trump's ex-boyfriend who met her when she was 21. As published in Daily Mail UK, he came across her on a street, she was dressed fashionably in a leather outfit.

Her bold style made him ask her out and they talked over a cup of coffee. They dated for several months until her modeling career skyrocketed.

Zorcic says Melania was ambitious for the very start. She wanted to live abroad. He remarked:

She was never the typical Slovenian girl, but I'm sure nobody believed 20 years ago that she would live at the top of the world, on Fifth Avenue in Trump Tower - even her!

He also commented on her slender physique. According to Jure, she is still pretty, but Melania has got some nice surgeries done. She wasn't very busty before.

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He might not be entirely truthful

Jure's opinion was readily noticed possibly by Melania herself. His revelations were denied. The spokesperson for Presidential couple told Daily Mail Online:

This is yet another person trying to use Mrs. Trump's name for publicity. The facts are not accurate.

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Well, at least there were some fragments of reality in it. Melania Knavs was indeed a woman who dared to dream big. Look where she is now! Share this and let us know if she inspires you.