Donald Trump Had Reportedly Offered Whitney Houston Help In Overcoming Her Drug Addiction

October 12, 2018 17:07

People enter the mirage of pleasure to escape the pain in their real lives. So did Whitney Houston, whose body had cocaine traces upon her unfortunate death by drowning. Her demise at only age 48, had left millions of her fans in mourning.

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Battle with addictions

She had a long ongoing fight against her explicit drug addictions. Whitney always thought she can handle herself and never lose control of her dreadful habit. Her mother, Cissy had first witnessed her daughter snorting the dangerous powder at her wedding in 1992. Whitney's marriage to Bobby Brown had also turned into a tragically doomed love story.


Not being able to be herself most of the time, was a hell for her. She leaned towards drugs as her depression pushed her over the edge. One of her close friends told PEOPLE Mag:

There were a lot of expectations in terms of who she was and who people thought she was.

Whitney was also approached by some compassionate people who tried to soothe her family, emotional and personal struggles.

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Donald Trump tried to help

Whitney Houston was certainly an asset to America. Her talent and charisma were one of a kind. So it's natural that someone officially wanted to preserve her existence.

The Beach Boys star, Mike Love pointed out that Mr. President himself had tried to help Ms. Whitney as he remarked:

People can say what they want, but Trump has always been a big supporter of some of the best music, America has ever made. 

Also added while talking to him:

I remember how you had tried your best to help get Whitney Houston in some kind of shape.


It's nice that people are also surfacing things about Mr. Trump besides his alleged affairs and rumors. By reaching out to help, he had campaigned to aware people. No matter at what level of popularity someone is, he/she can still be provided a helping hand to cope with the dark troubles.

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How to help someone cursed by drugs

Severe misuse of party drugs is deeply embedded in our society. It's highly likely that someone near you is going through it or is about to jump into this morbid oblivion.

Here are some tips to help them at least confront their drug problem:

  • keep in mind that you cannot fix someone's problem directly and some professional help might be needed;
  • try to identify the underlying issue that is driving the person to drugs;
  • openly talk about the problem without expecting any conclusion;
  • set a family meeting in which the person can realize that he still has support;
  • provide different treatment options so the person knows there is a way out. /

Share this and leave in comments if you can think of any other effective ways to save a person through drug abuse!

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