Grandfather's Golden Heart: Johnny Cash Helped His Grandson Overcome Substance Abuse, Starting From 13 Years Old

June 19, 2019 17:25

Johnny Cash's oldest grandson, Thomas Gabriel, inherited the best from his grandfather — he also became a famous singer and sounds as same as Cash.

Thomas and Johnny were very close to each other and they had an indescribably wonderful bond. Sometimes, Cash took his oldest grandchild to the stage to sing When the Saints Go Marching In together. As a result, such moments helped Gabriel fall in love with music. 


Ruefully, Thomas Gabriel had a very dark period of his lifetime — then 13-year-old boy started suffering from substance abuse. 

Thanks to Johnny Cash's golden heart and coherence with his grandson, he helped Thomas to overcome this substance abuse. In one of the interviews, Mr. Gabriel stated:

He [grandfather] knew from the time I was 13 years old that I had the same addiction he had. 

By the "same addiction," Thomas Gabriel referred to the well-known drug use the late musician and singer had in a particular period of his lifespan. Hence, Johnny Cash was the only one who made Thomas attend Alcoholics Anonymous regularly.

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Everything started when Thomas went to an academy to study law enforcement, continuing his passion for music. He confessed he had taken pills at first to stay up, then to sleep, mixing everything with alcohol.

These gruesome situations were followed by numerous arrests, including for domestic violence. He went to prison and served ten years, though he still struggled to stay clean and sober after the imprisonment. 

One of his Cash's representatives, Brian Oxley, alongside Johnny helped Thomas Gabriel be our of substance abuse and come back to the world of music, which was thankfully successful.

How to help someone with an addiction

According to Very Well Mind, there are some general guidelines in order to help an addicted individual: it's important to focus on building trust, be honest, and respect the privacy. 

These three steps are going to be challenging and tough, but fulfilling them will lead to a treatment process, which will heal your friend or relative. /

But remember — you should never threaten, criticize, and expect immediate change. Help as much as you can!

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