Meghan Markle Steps Out In Fiji In A Gorgeous Classic Royal Dress Paired With Gifts From The Queen And Prince Charles

October 23, 2018 15:07

Despite warnings from doctors, pregnant Duchess of Sussex decided to proceed with her visits to the regions at risk of Zika virus, and her first stop is in Fiji. That being said, Meghan is taking precautions and will not be joining Harry on the engagements that are too dangerous for her.

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Even though Markle is taking a step back in her royal schedule, the island of Fiji was happy to welcome the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 

Channeling the royal vibes

Meghan Markle showed up in Fiji in an outfit we haven't seen from her in a while. Duchess of Sussex opted for a classic below-the-knee cream dress and a stylish hat, which is a classic go-to look for any royal lady.


The beige color of the dress is also a nice change-up for Meghan. Lately, she's been mostly wearing dark colors, but it looks like she's back to lighter ones since she doesn't have to conceal her pregnancy.

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Meghan looked incredibly noble and royal, especially due to the earrings gifted to her by the Queen during their first royal trip together. In addition, eagle-eyed fans noticed she was also wearing a bracelet, which was a gift from Prince Charles.

Needless to say, the Duchess of Sussex shined as she arrived in Fiji, and we couldn't expect anything less from her.

While Meghan rests, Harry works

Although Meghan isn't by his side, Prince Harry seems to be having a lot of fun in Fiji. He's already tasted Fiji's traditional drink, kava, stirring a lot of excitement among the locals.

We hope the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will continue enjoying their royal tour.

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