After 26 Years, Prince Philip Finally Swallowed His Disdain For Fergie And Posed For A Family Photo With Her

October 15, 2018

The wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank gifted us with incredible royal family moments that we'll cherish forever. We can't help but marvel at the stunning pictures of the royal clan, but one of them holds a special significance. 

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One of the official photographs of royals became the first instance to show Sarah Ferguson and Prince Philip in the same room together after over 26 years. Although it seems the two put their differences aside for Princess Eugenie's big day, there's still a long history of feuding between Philip and Fergie.

Why Prince Philip avoided Sarah Ferguson for over two decades

After Sarah Ferguson's infamous affair photos went public, the Duke of Edinburgh denounced once favorite daughter-in-law, unable to forgive her for mistreating his son Prince Andrew.

Although Andrew and Sarah made up and are incredibly friendly with each other, Prince Philip has never forgiven the betrayal.


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Duke of Edinburgh refused to be in Ferguson's presence up until Eugenie's recent wedding. Sarah was once famously asked to leave the Balmoral early in 2013 because Prince Philip didn't want to be in the same room with her. As The Telegraph reported:

It’s perhaps notable that the Duke of Edinburgh, now fully recovered from his abdominal surgery, delayed his arrival at Balmoral until after she had left—he’s no fan of Fergie’s.


But the wedding of his favorite granddaughter forced Prince Philip to face Sarah, so the Duke put on a smile in order to keep Eugenie's big day safe. Ferguson and Prince Philip were even positioned next to each other in the photograph, something that we can't imagine the 97-year-old royal being thrilled about. 

It's time to let go of the past

Despite Prince Philip's feelings, however, his son has long forgotten about Sarah's past behavior. Moreover, he is believed to still harbor affectionate feelings toward his ex-wife.


Royal fans love seeing Sarah and Andrew being close, and the fact that the two still live together constantly fuels rumors of their romance.

Perhaps, if Andrew managed to let go, it's time for his father to find it in himself to forgive Fergie?

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